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“Freedom for all political prisoners” action, Copenhagen, January 21st 2023

Global Action for the Freedom of Political Prisoners was held in almost 70 countries all over the world in support of Alexey Navalny and political prisoners in Russia.
On the second anniversary of Alexey Navalny’s return to Russia thousands of people took to public events to demand his release and express their negative attitude towards the presence of political prisoners, the dictatorship in Russia and Putin’s war against Ukraine.

At the action in Copenhagen, held in front of the Russian Embassy, we talked about Alexey Navalny, Ilya Yashin, Vladimir Kara-Murza and other political prisoners, about the cruel price our compatriots are paying right now for daring to speak out against the Putin regime and against Putin’s war.

Particularly impressive were the letters of political prisoners, written by them specifically for this international action. These words were addressed from the prisons directly to us, Russians scattered all over the world and the friends of a democratic Russia. Ilya Yashin, Sasha Skochilenko, Dmitry Ivanov, Vladislav Nikitenko, Vladimir Rumyantsev, Igor Maltsev, Natalia Filonova, Vladimir Kara-Murza, Olga Smirnova wrote letters especially for this action.

Huge thanks to EVERYONE who came! Thanks to EVERYONE who is not silent!

Action in Copenhagen, January 21st 2023