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Danish Friends of a Democratic Russia take focused efforts to advocacy campaigns, inform the Danes about current situation in Russia and create a full-fledged voluntary organization.

We see the Danish Friends of a Democratic Russia organization as a format for meetings, joint projects, fun events. The presence of an organization is necessary for fundraising for new projects, for example, more interesting information campaigns, notable actions, meetings with famous Russian politicians and activists, independent media and assistance to political activists and prisoners.

Our values ​​are based on the priority of human rights, the rule of law and the Western democratic way of Russia’s development.

Management and Oversight / Ledelse og tilsyn

The Board / Bestyrelse

  • Daria Wagner – chairperson / formand
  • Yulia Belskaya – treasurer / kasserer

Suppliants to the board / Suppliants til bestyrelsen: Alexey Dementiev.

Oversight / Tilsyn

  • Karina Bataeva – revisor
  • Roman Loretts – suppliant to the revisor / stedfortræder for revisor

Essential Documents / Væsentlige Dokumenter

The Statute in Danish / Vedtægter på dansk

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