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Alexei Navalny, Memorial evening June 4th, 2024

The foremost Russian rap collective. They’ve propelled Russian rap into a distinct and influential musical force. In their tracks, now considered genre classics, KASTA delves into personal experiences and addresses pressing social issues. The members have actively participated in protest demonstrations, and in 2022, they voiced opposition to the war, released an anti-war album, and emigrated.

NOIZE MC is one of the most well-known Russian musicians. He performed at the “For Fair Elections” rally and contributed as one of the authors and performers of a song dedicated to the memory of Alexei Navalny. He has also spoken out against the war and organized a series of charity concerts to support Ukrainian refugees.

AIGEL is an electronic hip-hop duo consisting of musician Ilya Baramiya and poetess and singer Aigel Gaisina. The group’s songs feature sincere and bold lyrics, addressing social, political, and existential themes, accompanied by a powerful cross-genre sound. The artists have spoken out against war, faced concert bans, and left the country.

One of Russia’s primary protest groups, PORNOFILMI focuses on addressing the most pressing social and political issues in the country, including poverty, torture, abuse, and the concept of the “Russian world”. Their concerts in Russia faced disruptions long before it became a widespread phenomenon during the war.