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The Remembrance Day of Ukrainian War Victims, May 9th 2023

The Remembrance Day of Ukrainian War Victims
The Remembrance Day of Ukrainian War Victims

All over the world, May 5-9 are the Remembrance Days of the victims of World War II of 1939-1945. The legacy of World War II reminds mankind, that war must never happen again.

On February 24, 2022, a new bloody war began in Europe, when Russia launched an unprovoked war against Ukraine.  Russian president Putin ordered the bombing of peaceful Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure, the killing of Ukrainians and the seizure of Ukrainian lands. A year of war claimed hundreds of thousands of human lives.

The Putin regime hides behind lies and deceit, manipulates historical memory and falsely uses anti-fascist rhetoric of World War II, which has nothing to do with Ukraine.

The Remembrance Day of Ukrainian War Victims aim to:

  • Pay tribute to the memory of Ukrainian civilians who died as a result of Russian aggression
  • Show that the Russian dictator Putin is not fighting against “fascists” and “Nazis”, but every day his soldiers kill Ukrainian children, women, and the elderly, erasing peaceful cities and villages from the face of the earth
  • Maintain the fact that the responsibility for the death of Ukrainian civilians lies on the Russian dictator Putin
  • Demand an immediate end of the war and the liberation of all occupied Ukrainian territories
  • Make sure that the victims are not forgotten, and Putin and his henchmen will be brought to trial for the war crimes committed

We also want to show that many Russians are standing for peace, against the Russian attack on Ukraine and against Putin’s criminal dictatorship. Participation in this action will be our effective response to the attempts of the Putin regime to justify the bloody Russian military aggression against Ukraine and its war crimes against civilians.

We call you to join the Action in Memory of the victims of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

When: May 9, 18:00-19:00
Where: Kristianiagade 5, 2100, Embassy of Russia